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In the past, to be successful in investing requires years of experience, losses and vast knowledge. Presently, taking advantage of the Moon Finance platform any investor could successfully invest and receive returns with little or no knowledge on how the financial markets works.

Our business expertise

Excellence in Service

We are leaders in providing consultancy services with a set of cutting-edge technologies and a team of experienced and renowned professionals. These are some options that you can opt-in for.

Audit & Assurance

We run finance audits on multi-national companies and corporate bodies.

Financial Advisory

We provide financial advice to our investors which provides a guide to make better decisions.

Analytics and M&A

We provide graphical representations and data analytics alongside financial solutions.

Direct Investment

Our investors could also grow their capital passively by picking an investment plan.

Legal Consulting

Investors can leverage on us as a legal body while facing finance-related cases.

Regulatory Risk

Learning the risks and tricks is also a key part of the investing ecosystem.


Pricing Plans

Our plans are crafted and tailored to supplement your finances, accomodating any amount you wish to set aside as capital for investment.

Basic Plan

$100 / 24hrs
  • Minimum invest: $100
  • Maximum invest: $2,999
  • Daily profit: 10%
  • Duration: 24hrs
  • Refrral commision: 10%

Silver Plan

$10,000 / 3 days
  • Minimum invest: $10,000
  • Maximum invest: $49,999
  • Daily profit: 6.5%
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Refrral commision: 10%

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